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What is the Weblock Suite ?

Weblock Suite is a simple and elegant solution to keep your webgames safe and secure from the malicious people who steal and re-upload games for a profit.

Why should i use it?

These days more & more shady and illegal web games portals are growing stronger and bigger than ever before by stealing the games made with effort and hard work from developers sharing their web-games online; they steal the game, re-upload it on their own portal and run their ads on it, effectively stealing the game itself and the ad revenue from the developers working hard on those games. The Weblock Suite is here to help you preventing this to happen to your games with a collection of 3 simple to use and fast to setup plugins. It provides you with the tools necessary to allow locally only the websites you want, or by remotely providing a list of banned websites. Everything is studied to fly under the radar of potential digital-thieves, starting from randomized behavior to obfuscated code engineered to grant you a great level of security.

Does it work with construct 3's free plan?

Currently the free version of construct 3 isn't allowing for 3rd party plugin installs, so you are required a license.

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Buy Now10.00€ EUR or more

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